Do I require a referral for an appointment?

Potential clients can self-refer to the clinic. Frequently, referrals are received from teachers/school personnel, physicians, and allied health professionals.  A physician referral may be required for insurance coverage.

What should I do before contacting the clinic for an appointment?

Psychologist services are not covered by NB Medicare, but you may have some coverage through a private health insurance plan, through your employer’s insurance program, through your college or university health plan, military benefits or Vac plan, and the like.  Similarly, psychologists provide a “health service” and as such some of the costs may be eligible for an income tax deduction. Ask your insurance provider or company HR director the following questions?

  • Does my plan cover psychologist services?
    • Is there coverage for intake and therapy?
    • Is there coverage for assessment?
    • For assessments will the plan cover file review, test scoring/interpretation, and report writing?
  • How much coverage does my plan offer?
  • Is coverage per 12-month period or does it renew on a specific month in the Calendar year?
  • Do I require a physician’s referral letter for services to be covered?
  • Once the psychologist provides me with a receipt, how do I submit for reimbursement?
  • Please note that Advanced Psychological Services does not guarantee that your private insurance will reimburse you for any of our fees

Finding the right psychologist?

The success of assessment and therapy requires a “fit”. This includes a rapport or working relationship with the psychologist. Further, the psychologist must have the competencies and confidence to work with a specific client and their presenting concerns. Every effort is taken to pre-assess this prior to the first meeting, but on occasion this isn’t readily discernable until after the intake or face to face interview process.  In cases where the “fit” is not ideal we will provide the individual with a list of suitable colleagues who may be better able to assist them.

Are emergency services available?

The clinic does not provide emergency or crisis services.  In the event of an emergency individuals should go to the emergency department of their local hospital. They may also contact the Mobile Mental Health Crisis Line which operates 24/7 at 1-888-811-3664.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

The privacy of those we serve is of great importance to us.  We are legally and ethically required to protect a client’s privacy.  Basic information including simple demographic details (such as the client’s name, phone number, email, or postal address etc.) is collected about each client.  The psychologist’s file may also include data and notes pertaining to the client’s assessment, treatment, and progress at the clinic. Files are securely retained for a minimum of 7 years.

As psychologists we are required to maintain client confidentiality as outlined in the Ethics Code for Psychologists from the Canadian Psychological Association, the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick Act, as well as provincial and federal guidelines regarding privacy and confidentiality.  More details are provided in the Client Confidentiality Agreement provided at the first intake/assessment session. Clients must also complete a therapy and/or assessment Contract/Agreement before services can be provided.